Welcome gentle being of unestimatable worth.  This webspace is just a temporary landing place for all Human Beings with an awareness to understand the dangers of human activity induced global warming and the desire to manifest right action to address it.

Maybe this understanding arose from a path of evidence based science. Or maybe it stems from a more inner path of spiritculture, or religion.  Or maybe from just listening –

Regardless, thank you for all you are doing to help keep the planet healthy for all living beings, now and future.

The blog page is for calling out corporate and individual actions that are not aligned with right action and greater awareness, and to do so via right action and greater awareness.  The hope is that by highlighting the fallacious reasoning and other issues that make it wrong action, more people will manifest right action and greater awareness, including those who are causing the ecological harm and global warming.  Feel free to submit/suggest a new blog entry in the comment section any blog.  Or supply a link to a real story and we’ll look into it.

It takes a healthy ecology to have a healthy economy – no ecology, no economy.